My Bio

I was born in India, to missionary parents, and spent most of my childhood there, graduating from Woodstock School, an international boarding school, in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Attended Southwest Missouri State (now Missouri State University) in Springfield, Mo.

Attended South Texas College of Law, Houston, Tx.

3 years in the US Army, trained by the Army Security Agency and then assigned to the pentagon in the office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations.

6 years in retail electronics in sales, sales training and management.

15 years as a certified building contractor holding management responsibilities with 3 national homes builders.

Licensed as Real Estate Broker in Florida

Licensed as an Insurance Agent in:  Florida, Georgia, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Virginia, New Jersey, Mississippi, California and North Carolina.

My wife and I live in north central Florida.  We have two grown children, one in California and the other in Utah.

When the collapse of the FSLIC and the demise of most of the savings and loans institutions, resulted in congress establishing the Resolution Trust Company, RTC, to oversee the liquidation of insolvent institutions, I transitioned from building to contracting with the RTC, and various other lenders, to assist in the disposition of their REO assets.

During this period of several years I encountered hundreds of previously successful business owners, builders, developers who lost their businesses and life savings as the result of the consequences of  overly aggressive lenders and subsequently the total lack of any empathy or understanding by government bureaucrats in trying to work out of difficult circumstances in which so many business owners found they were trapped. 

Many of these business failures resulted in personal devastation and many cases of families being torn apart by financial crisis and a few by suicide.  It wasn’t just the business owners who suffered, but also their employees, suppliers and subcontractors and even small neighborhood mom and pop businesses that relied on them.

After that experience, I determined to find a better way to prepare for the future for myself and everyone else who would listen and learn from my experiences.  I obtained a securities license and joined a national investment banking firm.  I soon discovered that their primary interest was in “pushing” selected products (stocks in companies they promoted) and catering to the “elite” customers who had large portfolios or cash accounts.  I left when I realized that their focus and mine were not compatible.  I was interested in protecting client assets rather than selling them the products we were instructed to push.  I obtained an insurance license for life, health and annuities.

Today I specialize in “safe money” utilizing annuities and life insurance to secure protected growth, but without market risk to principal, and to provide guaranteed lifetime income for those planning for and nearing retirement.  We also utilize life insurance and annuities to provide for orderly and tax efficient transfer of any remaining assets to beneficiaries without the need for lengthy or costly probate.

Preparation, Planning, Protection and Provision.

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